Balancing Act


It’s not always about equal measure; sometimes it’s about the correct measure. The right mix.

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Manchester United - Louis Van Gaal

10 things i love/hate about you: LVG


The two sides of the Louis Van Gaal effect at Manchester United:
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United have regressed. Absolutely and relatively.

It wasn’t just David Moyes. It is now as much a part of Van Gaal’s managerial legacy.Read More »


Not good enough.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s (SAF) United was a team that knew how to win – even during squad transition or upheaval.
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growing up…


This started out as a simple outlet for all the thoughts/conversations I’ve had about United with friends and colleagues (some of whom I rarely get to see face to face). While it’s only been one month, the response and feedback I’ve received has been nothing short of remarkable – thank you.

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